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Chapter I - 1994 to 09/1999 "The Rise of MMG"

Timeline Action Description >Link
1994 Comment MMG foundation in New York City, 1st office on Madison Avenue
Spring 1996 New Office Opening of the Frankfurt Office
Fall 1997 Publishing MMG Vital Statistics >
1998 Recruiting MMG Recruiting Brochure >
1999 Recruiting MMG Recruiting Brochure German Verison >
1999 Commercial MMG Image >
Fall 1999 Fact Sheet MMG Profile on Consulting Central >


Chapter II - 10/1999 to 05/2000 "Mergermania and Internet Hype"

Timeline Action Description >Link
July 1999 Annoucement USWeb/CKS declares negotiations on merger with Mitchell Madison Group
Nov 1, 1999 1st Merger Sucessful negotiations. New name: Mitchell Madison Group
A USWeb/CKS Company
Jan 2000 Annoncement Whittman-Hart is involved in talks with USWeb/CKS to merge into a new company
Mar 23, 2000 2nd Merger The new name marchFIRST has been announced. The merger takes effect backdated to March 1, 2000


Chapter III - 06/2000 to 05/2001 "The End"

Timeline Action Description >Link
x x x
Nov 14, 2000 Rumour HP failed to take over PwC's consulting arm and is considered to look for a smaller cheaper consulting company to buy. marchFIRST?
Dec 15, 2000 Announcement Cash-Hungry MarchFirst Scores $150 Million
The technology consultant gets a new lease on life after Francisco Partners agrees to buy a 32% stake in the company.
(The Industry Standard)
Mar 5, 2001 Organization New announced CFO Michael E. Salvati
Mar 12, 2001 Dismissal CEO, Robert F. Bernard, COO, Thomas Metz, and Executive VP Joseph Bong have resigned. A management committee under the presidency of Steven Pollema is installed to evaluate options for future operations.
Mar 15, 2001 Rumour Beware the Ides of MarchFirst
Joining the likes of Scient Corp. and Razor Inc., MarchFirst Inc. is the latest e-consultancy giving off warning signs.
(The Daily Deal) >
Mar 2001 Article The Gatwick Seven >
Apr 12, 2001 Article The marchFIRST Story >
Apr 13, 2001 Finish I Steven Pollema announces filing for bankruptcy protection (chapter 11)...
May 1 , 2001 Finish II U.S. District Judge Joseph Farnan agreed to let marchFIRST switch its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for reorganization to a Chapter 7 filing for liquidation...German operations went into bankcruptcy protection
Jun 4, 2001 Article In the company of jobseekers >